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Coaching & Performance Toolkit

Free for Mavericks

A series of short films concentrating on key performance topics. Specifically designed to support coaches they are also useful for anyone appraising their own performance improvements.


The Toolkit


An introduction to Coaching

12.07 mins

What’s coaching all about? What makes a great coach?  Is coaching an art or science (hint – it’s both). This film gives you the answers.


Coaching Relationships

8.24 mins

As with any relationship trust is critical to make that relationship work. Get close and personal to find what it takes to build a good (coaching) relationship.

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Performing Under Pressure

11.50 mins

If you’re always the absolute best version of yourself when the heat is on you don’t need to watch this film. Otherwise, press play.

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13.25 mins

We all love feedback. Right? Maybe it’s time to watch this film and find out how feedback could be one of your biggest assets.

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Goal Setting

10.08 mins

How you set goals impacts significantly on motivation and the ability to perform.

Use this film to figure out if you’ve got the right goals.

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Better Every Day (BED)

12.33 mins

BED? What does that actually mean? Why should you care?

Watch to find how a BED mindset could just be the key to unlocking a new, improved you.

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