t’s free,
That’s Why It’s a Secret.

You don’t have to look far to find a solution to all your problems. Career going nowhere? Unhappy with your weight? Just Unhappy? A rapid Google search and in you leap.

I do the same. All the time.

Here’s one thing I can absolutely guarantee will make you feel better and in doing so have an impact on all those other challenges you face. And it’s within reach of you right now.

Here’s one thing I can absolutely guarantee will make you feel better.

I often echo Denis Betts’ line of ‘it’s not food, it’s fuel’. Food burns in our bodies to give us energy. Our digestive system is our combustion engine. What does an engine need as well as fuel? To keep all those moving parts fluid and effective? It needs oil. Particularly when it’s probably been laying idle for around eight hours as we sleep.

What’s the oil for our bodies? I’m guessing you’re ahead of me here. It’s water. H20. Only second on our hierarchy of survival needs to air.

For some reason we feel the need to always embellish the most humble and fundamental of our bodies’ intake requirements turning water to coffee, booze and cans of sugary fizz.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my personal communion with coffee and alcohol. It’s one of life’s pleasures. But I wouldn’t dream of waking up and downing a Jack Daniels. Or crawling a cross a baking hot desert and then asking for a coffee.

And here’s the thing, the trick, the secret. It’s what you do with water for the first 45 minutes of the day that makes the difference.

One of my self imposed rules is I only write advice it if I’ve lived it. Few things wind me up more than the classic blog technique of observing someone else then extrapolating whilst claiming the knowledge as your own. You know the type of thing:

One of my self imposed rules is I only write advice it if I’ve lived it.

“Last night I watched X win the world cup by kicking a penalty. Imagine the pressure. Look how X composed themselves. You to can learn how to kick your own world cup winner by, blah, blah, blah”.

It staggers me how many people write about other people and their practices without ever getting up close, personal and uncomfortable themselves. Charlatans.

Rant over.

Back to making that difference.

Five months ago I started drinking 600 ml (just over a pint) of fresh, cold water (tap is fine unless you’re in an area that recommends mineral) at the beginning of my day. Nothing else has passed my lips for the first 45 minutes of each day during that time (apart from once in a hotel in Manchester, UK, when I woke late and rushed to a meeting). No food, no other types of liquid, not even toothpaste.

The premise is simple. Flush the system through. Allow everything to turn over without placing excessive demands on the stomach. Get the pistons firing. There is a science behind it and there are many claims that this approach to mornings will revolutionise your life. I’m not sure it’s that good but let me tell you about what it’s done for me:

Energy. I have more of it. Without question. This means I am able to stave of my great enemy tiredness that in turn has increased my ability to manage myself better under pressure, balance my moods more effectively and enable better concentration. All this is on the back of working longer days during the same period. All this for free.

I don’t need any other benefits from my morning water although it also seems to have freshened my skin a bit, improved my eating habits and made my pee more or less crystal clear (turns out I’m drinking more water and less coffee, etc throughout the day).

So simple it’s almost embarrassing.

There you have it. So simple it’s almost embarrassing. So easy to access no-one can sell it. So effective it’s a wonder why not everyone does it.

I do. I suggest you try it too.