Burpee Time: Join the Denis Betts Challenge

from Chasing Mavericks

Are you tough enough to take on the Betts Burpee Challenge?

Denis Betts in the Gym

As Mark and I are preparing to say goodbye to Widnes and Denis, two days before his flight to Australia, he lets slip that he’s planning to drop over 10kg during his time with England at the World Cup. That is no small feat. The role of coach on tour involves hour upon hour of analysis, reviews and meetings. As well as being sedentary there is always a constant stream of ‘sustenance’. More than one coach has returned from an overseas tournament, or tour series, twice the man that left home several weeks previously. Sometimes that relates to their character but more often than not it simply reveals to the impact of their calorific intake. Denis has seen this happen and doesn’t want to be one of that number. I’m intrigued,

“So how are you going to do it?”



“Five hundred a week”.

“I haven’t done one of them since I was about 12”.

“You should. They’re a fantastic all-round workout”.

“And that will lose you all that weight?”

“Yep, plus the discipline of doing them makes you think twice about what you’re eating. And drinking”.

“Maybe I should give that a go. Not sure my back could handle it though”.

“You need perfect form. You’ve got to do it properly”.

“Show me?”

Denis marches me into the gym and duly obliges. The evidence is on the following, slightly wobbly, film:

I’m impressed, “500 a week? That’s not going to be easy. Are you happy for me to let people know about it?”

“No problem”.

“You’ll have to produce evidence.”

He fixes me with a quizzical look, “No problem”.

“So is this going be a thing?”

“Well, I’m doing it”.

“Then it’s a thing”.

Denis agrees to provide regular updates on both the progress of his scales and his burpees.

If anyone would care to join in just hashtag #BettsBurpees and show us how it’s going.

Join The Betts Burpee Challenge

The rules are simple:

1) What you’re trying to achieve is up to you – just making the numbers, dropping a few KGs or increasing your overall fitness.

2) In each 7 day period complete 500 burpees. Denis is aiming for 100 a day on Monday thru’ Friday and then making up any shortfall on the weekend.

3) Denis is doing it over a 6 week period. That’s 3,000 burpees. We’d suggest you start with 1 week. But that’s up to you!

4) Show and tell us how it’s going/gone by using the #BettsBurpeeChallenge on Twitter or Instagram. There may well be prizes….

N.B. Please, please don’t underestimate how tough this challenge is. It’s not for the faint hearted, novice trainer or couch potato. Anyone starting a new exercise regime should always consider visiting their physician first.