Part of our day job has involved working with US Squash to bring their technology platform over to the UK sports market. On a trip to New York, Mark discovered the current trend of drinking coffee with butter instead of milk. When we first discussed it I laughed it off as a ‘fad’ and continued to slurp on my skinny latte.

Several months later, listening to a James Altucher podcast, I stumbled across Dave Asprey and his Bulletproof company ideas. His belief that a different approach to diet could enhance my energy levels and brain-power resonated. So I bought his coffee. And his book.

In a nutshell he believes we are polluting our bodies by feeding ourselves the wrong food and exposing ourselves to poor environmental factors. The net result is a lack of energy, deterioration of our mental capacity and poor overall functionality. He believes by adapting our nutrition and undertaking some basic but fundamental lifestyle changes we can free our brains and become more energised, productive and happier. Oh and you might live longer and look better too. So far, so usual.

The promise of more energy and a better brain is not a hard sell to someone in their 50th year and, I suspect, fairly compelling to anyone at any age that feels tired, stressed and detached from much of their life. Which is pretty much everyone I know.

Bulletproof (Dave’s company) have a couple of core products that I felt willing and able to try out; coffee and ‘brain fuel’. This is supplemented by ghee.

Here’s the deal. First buy the coffee and brain fuel and ghee (which for the uninitiated is clarified butter). A word of warning, it’s not cheap. I bought a weeks’ supply of everything and it came to the royal sum of £45. Not for the faint hearted. For efficiencies sake I bought Nespresso compatible capsules so you could save a bit there but you’re unlikely to get much change out of £35 whichever way you cut it. That means you’re looking at an annual spend in excess of £1,500 / $2,000. And they say you can’t put a price on health.

Let’s see what happens…